March 2011

groundhog on March 30th, 2011

By G. Bosley a.k.a. “groundhog” AUTUMN MAGIC CHOKEBERRY A beautiful native shrub that is compact and upright growing.  Works well in the landscape for mass planting, hedges, general garden use and naturalizing.  Year round interest with edible bitter tasting fruit that attracts many species of birds. Very hardy from zone 3 – 8. Grows 3′ – […]

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groundhog on March 27th, 2011

By G. Bosley a.k.a. “groundhog” Spring weather is slowly starting to melt away the snow and we are all anxious to get back outside, but what can be done at this time? Pick up all the debris from winter.  Gather all the fallen branchs, but if you find some larger sticks save them to use […]

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groundhog on March 22nd, 2011

By G. Bosley a.k.a. “groundhog” As you read through garden books and magazines, or at the local garden centre when you are looking at the labels on plants, you will have noticed reference to a plants hardiness zone.  What does this mean? A plants hardiness zone indicates that the plant is likely to survive the […]

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groundhog on March 18th, 2011

By G. Bosley  a.k.a. “groundhog” Local horticultural societies offer a wide variety of  garden information, advice and learning seminars with guest speakers.  Check out the events schedule for your local society at Local Horticultural Societies District 16: Simcoe County Midland – 4th Monday monthly @ 7:30 p.m. Coldwater – 3rd Thursday monthly @ 7:30 […]

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groundhog on March 18th, 2011

By G. Bosley a.k.a. “groundhog” Last summer I planted Solenia Begonias in the window boxes on my shed and I was delighted.  This has become my new favorite annual, I will definitely be planting more this year. The window boxes are very small and metal and exposed to morning and afternoon sun.  In the past I […]

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groundhog on March 12th, 2011

By G. Bosley a.k.a. “groundhog” Found a lovely shrub at the garden centre a few years ago only to discover that it grew a bit larger than you wanted it to be?  Is it blocking a view?  Perhaps your plant is older and needs a drastic pruning to be rejuvenated. There are a few landscape […]

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groundhog on March 8th, 2011

by G. Bosley a.k.a. “groundhog” As winter draws to a close it’s time to start thinking about what needs pruned.  Did some of your trees start to shade your garden too much last summer, or did some of your flowering shrubs fail to bloom as beautifully as years past? There are four basic times of […]

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groundhog on March 5th, 2011

By G. Bosley  a.k.a. “groundhog” Ornamental grasses are a great addition to any garden.  They require very little maintenace and attract birds, butterflies and beneficial insects into your yard. In the early spring some of the ornamental grasses don’t add much beauty to the garden.   If you left the tall stems of ornamental grass in your […]

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groundhog on March 2nd, 2011

This is a great plant to add some bright colour to the indoors.  Makes a great gift that is sure to make someone smile. The blooms are long lasting… it may bloom for several months.  Readily available in most stores that sell plants,  from garden centres to grocery stores, in colours of orange, red, pink […]

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