groundhoggardener.caIt was a lovely summer afternoon on the shores of Georgian Bay and I was in the middle of a garden renovation.  I had been working at this project for a few days, the elder gentleman next door had been around, talking and watching the renovation take shape.  I was digging in the garden bed removing weeds and grass roots when a soft spoken voice from behind said, “I’ve been watching you, your digging just like a groundhog.” And so I was… a.k.a. “groundhog”.




By Glenda Bosley a.k.a "groundhog"

By Glenda Bosley a.k.a “groundhog”

The groundhog (Marmota monax) is a cute brown fur-ball that is a member of the squirrel family and loves spending time in your garden.  There are few plants in the landscape that the groundhog doesn’t like.  Some of the favorites include clover, alfalfa, carrots, peas, pansies and strawberries.  Although leafy plants are the main diet, they will also eat grubs, grasshopper, insects and snails. The groundhog has a feast or famine lifestyle.  After hibernation they have lost a significant amount of body weight and need to feast to renew their energy, and then they need to feast all summer to have enough body weight to survive the next hibernation.


With short, but powerful limbs, the groundhog is most adapted to digging in the dirt. Able to move as much as 35 cubic feet of soil when digging their burrows, which can be as much as 45 feet long.

"Groundhog Gardener"

“Groundhog Gardener”










And so the similarities:                                                          

 I love spending time in the garden.                                      

 There are few plants in the landscape I don’t like.

Carrots and strawberries are some of my favorites.

I know how to remove grubs and insects from the garden.

Feast or famine, I work like crazy in the gardens during the summer, and hibernate in the winter.

Powerful limbs and well adapted to digging is a trait for the gardener.

Groundhog Day is a special day for me.

It almost feels like my birthday.

Groundhogs are gardeners by nature!



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