By G. Bosley a.k.a. “groundhog”

Solenia Begonia

Last summer I planted Solenia Begonias in the window boxes on my shed and I was delighted.  This has become my new favorite annual, I will definitely be planting more this year.

The window boxes are very small and metal and exposed to morning and afternoon sun.  In the past I have not found a plant suitable that provides a great show of colour all summer with very little care. They flourished even when they didn’t get regular deadheading and the occasional missed watering.

Solenia Begonias are available in a variety of colours and will grow in full sun or shade, provided the sunny location is not extremely hot.   Most Begonias prefer partial to full shade.  These plants are mildew resistant and can withstand high humidity.  They are fairly wind resistant and drought tolerant.  With a branching habit they are less likely to become top heavy and break as other Begonia tend to do.

Solenia Begonia in late October

Continuous double blooms all summer makes this plant a great addition to any property whether used in containers or planted in the garden.

Tuberous rooted begonias can be dug up in the fall before frost and the root stored indoors for the winter and restarted in the spring. 

Keep your eyes open at the garden centres early this spring as they were hard to find last year.

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  1. Deborah Kelley-Fancy says:

    I found some this spring, and LOVE them. I was hoping they could be overwintered… ty for the info.

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