By G. Bosley a.k.a. “groundhog”

Spring weather is slowly starting to melt away the snow and we are all anxious to get back outside, but what can be done at this time?

  • Pick up all the debris from winter.  Gather all the fallen branchs, but if you find some larger sticks save them to use for plant support stakes later in the season. If you have the space create a small pile of the broken branchs in a back corner, this will make a great spot for birds, butterflies and other small creatures to find refuge in your yard.
  • Do not walk on the lawn or in the garden if the ground is soft and wet.  The soil structure will be destroyed.
  • Do not rake the lawn this early.  You are likely to pull out tender plant shoots, leaving bare soil exposed. The open bare soil will provide an ideal site for weed seeds to germinate.
  • Clear off some of the layers of road salt that has accumulated over the winter.  Use a strong broom or I often use a snow shovel to remove the top layer.  Let each layer of wet sand dry before removing,  it’s easier when dryer and causes less damage to the vegetation underneath.
  • Look through the garden for any plants that have been pushed up by the frost.  Firmly push the roots back into the soil.
  • Add some birdfeeders to your yard.  Having food available in the spring will encourage birds to nest in your neighbourhood.
  • If you have a dog, take them outside and give them a good brushing to remove the old winter hair.  Leave the hair in the garden for the birds to line their nests.
  • Walk around your property and make notes.  What changes would you like to do this year? What were the problem areas last season? Are there plants that need divided or moved this season?  Start planning.  It is still a little early to get dirty, wait for the temperatures to warmup a few degrees.


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