By G. Bosley  a.k.a. “groundhog”

It has certainly been a couple of very busy weeks in the garden with the temperatures finally warming up.  The gardens have become lush with new growth.  I have been busy preparing my gardens for a garden tour on June 16th.

There are still a few plants in the gardens that are very slow to show new growth this season.  Buddleia, Hibiscus and several Miscanthus grasses are just starting to show signs of new growth.  This is due to the cool temperatures we have experienced this spring.  So if you have these or other plants that are slow to show new growth, be patient, give them more time and wait for some more warm weather before deciding to discard the plants as you assume they have not survived the winter.

Keep a watchful eye in the garden for pests.  Look for leaves that are chewed, or curled and twisted…look closer and you are likely to find tiny caterpillars causing damage.  My roses seem to be really tasty this season to these crawling garden pests.

Time to start tying and supporting those tall plants that tend to fall over with the weight of new blooms.  Peonies are about to start blooming and they are one plant that definately needs support.  I like to start by tying a string low on the plant early in the season and then adding another string higher as the plant grows taller.  When the height and weight of the plant requires more support a stake can be slid through the strings and the plant will be well supported.

The weeds are definately growing well this season with all the rain we have experienced.  If you can’t keep up with the job of clearing all the weeds from your garden or lawn the best thing to do is at least remove any of the blooms from the weeds.  If you let the weeds bloom and go to seed your weed problems will multiply.  Remove the blooms before the seedheads develop, and when you have time go back and dig out the weeds.

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