By G. Bosley  a.k.a. “groundhog”

Oh the Lily Beetle.  I have been picking the bright orange beetle off my Liliums for weeks.  Ever walk through the garden I look, pick and squish.  I have several different Liliums throughout my gardens, so not an easy task to regularly check them all.  I am sure I have removed them all from some of the plants as these seem to be growing strong and healthy with no chewed leaves now.

Lily Beetle Larva

On my walk today I found the next life cycle of the Lily Beetle.  One particular Lilium seem to badly bothered, guess I missed a few of those bright orange beetles.  Now it appears the larva are hatching from their mucky protective covering underneath the leaves of the Lillium.

So in trying to remove the Lily Beetle from my garden I will now try to interupt the next stage in their life cycle.

A previous post featured the bright orange Lily Beetle.

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