By G. Bosley  a.k.a. “groundhog”

You have been to the local nursery or garden centre and found a few nice plants for your garden.  Now it’s in your hands to give these plants a nutured life.

With the soil properly prepared you dig the planting hole at least 1 1/2 to 2 times the size of the container. Gently remove the plant from the container, you may have to slightly tap the sides of the container.  If the container is set in a pail of water for a short while before planting the rootball and soil will come out of the container much easier.  Pull the plant by tilting the pot sideways rather than trying to pull the plant straight from the top.

Many plants grown in containers will have tightly wrapped rootballs.  It is best to loosen the tangled roots gently with your fingers, this enables the roots to grow outwards rather than entangling within each other.

Set the root ball into the planting hole with the top of the soil of the new plant being at the same level as the existing garden soil level.  Don’t try to mound dirt over the root ball, air and sun will damage the roots.  It is best to dig the hole deeper the first time and add more soil if necessary to raise the plant to the proper height.

Firm soil gently to 3/4 fill the planting hole, enough soil to hold the plant in place.  Water the plant and let the excess water drain away, this helps to remove any air pockets between the soil and root ball.  Fill the hole to grade and firmly press the soil and plant into place.  Water well again and keep any new plants well watered for the first two weeks.  Add manure, compost or fertilizer to nourish the plant.

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