By G. Bosley  a.k.a. “groundhog”

Today the garden in my backyard exploded with colour.

I find the weather this year has slowed a lot of plants down.  We have had a lot of cool and damp weather here in Zone 5 along the shores of Southern Georgian Bay.  The plants that prefer cooler temperatures are growing well…hosta, iris, ferns.  Those plants that prefer the heat of the sun and dryer conditions are growing much slower…yucca, hibiscus, thyme, ornamental grasses.

A lot of strong wind has caused windburn on the leaves of several plants exposed to the open winds.  This appears as brown, black or scorched looking edges and tips of leaves.

The hardest part of being a gardener is learning patience…but the rewards are priceless.

17 Bumblebees - 1 Lilac

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