By G. Bosley  a.k.a.  “groundhog”

Everyone with a Clematis growing and blooming in their garden charish the blooms.  Many have tried growing Clematis and have been unsuccessful.  This is not a difficult plant to grow, but it is very particular to where it calls home.

If you have heavy clay soil they won’t grow, unless you improve the soil.  If you have heavy shade they won’t bloom. Although there are a few varieties that will tolerate a bit  of shade.

Clematis is generally grown as a climbing vine on a trellis, however it can also be grown as a groundcover or allowed to sprawl around and over shrubs.

Clematis requires a rich well-drained soil.  Dig out a large planting area to a depth and width of at least 18″.  Cover the bottom of the planting hole with well-rotted manure or compost mixed with a handful of bonemeal.  Cover the compost with good topsoil so that the roots won’t be in direct contact with it.  Use topsoil to fill your planting hole.  Once planted and watered add a topdressing of manure.  Once established,  Clematis do not like to be moved.  It is important to prepare a rich soil that feed the plant for many years.

Clematis like their feet in the shade and their head in the sun.  Use large rocks, driftwood, low growing shrubs or perennials to shade the roots.  I have found Bleedingheart grows very well with Clematis and shades the roots.

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