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Starting plants from seed can be very rewarding, not only a great way to safe money, but also gives you the opportunity to add new and exciting plants to your garden.

Annual plants and vegetables are the easiest plants to grow from seed.  Some perennials grow easily from seed, while others may require special treatment or a couple of years to reach mature size.  When buying seeds read the package, which usually gives you the growing instructions such as when to sow seeds and planting depth.  Some plants need to be started early indoors, while others are best sown outdoors later in the spring. The sowing date for seeds relates to the last frost date for your area.   Below is a guide for when to sow seeds if you live in Zone 5 with an average last frost date near the end of May.

Sow Indoors early February: Begonia    Broccoli    Browallia    Dusty Miller    Geranium    Larkspur    Pansy    Vinca

Sow Indoors early March:  Datura    Dianthus    Impatiens    Petunia    Portulaca    Snapdragon    Stock    Verbena

Sow Indoors mid March:  Ageratum    Alyssum    Cabbage    Cauliflower    Celery    Celosia    Coleus    Columbine    Dahlia    Nicotiana    Onion    Parsley    Pepper    Phlox    Salvia

Sow Indoors late March:  Aster    Balsam    Centurea

Sow Indoors early April:  Eggplant    Lettuce    Marigold    Tomato    Zinnia

Sow Indoors mid April:  Basil    Cleome    Collards    Cosmos    Cucumber       Muskmelon    Squash    Swiss Chard    Watermelon

Sow Indoors early May:  Pumpkin    Squash     Sun Flower

Sow Outdoors early May:  Beets    Broccoli    Cabbage    Carrots    Cauliflower    Celery    Centurea    Collards    Kale    Kohlrabi    Leeks    Lettuce    Onion    Parsley    Peas    Potatoes    Radish    Spinach    Sweet Peas    Turnip    Swiss Chard

Sow Outdoors late May:  Alyssum    Basil    Beans    Cleome    Corn    Cosmos     Cucumber    Eggplant    Four-O-Clock    Marigold    Morning Glory    Nasturtium    Sweet Potato    Pepper    Portulaca    Pumpkin    Squash    Tomato    Zinnia



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