By G. Bosley  a.k.a. “groundhog”         

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Last spring I started renovating a garden that had been left unattended for several years.  I left it to bloom for a full season to see what all was there.  It’s a beautiful garden with lots of self seeding perennials…so it is full of plants.  Lupins, sweet william, campanula, bachelor button, phlox, evening primrose, forget-me-not, foxglove, iris, bee balm and the list goes on.  My plan is to dig it all up and divide, transplant and add more gardens to the backyard.


When you are turning your garden soil be sure to remove any large roots that happen to turn up.  Don’t keep chopping them into smaller peices and leave them in the soil.

These are probably roots from spreading grass or weeds.  Most of these roots will reanchor themselves in the soil and begin growing again.

Carefully dislodge any long running roots by gently prying up on the soil from underneath and pulling on the root.

Be careful that the root you are trying to pull out is not a tree root or the roots of a close by perennial.


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