Native Plant

  Glenda Bosley  a.k.a “groundhog”   Amsonia hubrichtii is an underused, low maintenance perennial that is native to North America and was named Perennial Plant of the Year  in 2011. I have grown this wonderful perennial in a few gardens.  Arkansas Blue Star adds interest and contrast to the garden from early spring until snowfall. […]

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groundhog on November 12th, 2011

By G. Bosley  a.k.a. “groundhog”          Actaea pachypoda White Baneberry also known as White Cohosh and Doll’s Eyes is a native plant to eastern North America. This is a great woodland plant that may be growing naturally in your forest, or it would be a great plant to add to your shade […]

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groundhog on May 21st, 2011

By G. Bosley  a.k.a. “groundhog” Leaves of 3…Leave it be.  Poison Ivy is a plant that many fear.  The sap of the poison ivy plant contains the oil urushiol which causes an allergic reaction on the skin of many people.  The oil will penetrate the skin within minutes of contact but the symptoms of  intense […]

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